Top Priority on Credibility pursuing Win-Win with Stronger Price Edge
based on Efficient Management System and Close Network with our manufacturing Partners

Dear Sirs,

We are very pleased to introduce our company “NICER Corporation,” and our products as a leading marine service company in
South Korea.

NICER has been actively supplying full range of engine & machinery spare parts, equipments, marine stores and fresh provision
for the shipping companies all over the world. Now we have achieved a remarkable reputation as a reliable company from our

We supply high quality and genuine products basically with stronger price edge since we have an excellent network with local
and overseas manufacturing partners. And we operate a innovative & efficient management system. We are also committed to
speedy delivery at the right place as well as quick reaction for any inquiries from our respected customers.

Please contact us at any time to enjoy our superior services in compliance with your requirement for your ship’s safety and
efficient operation.
Sincerely yours,

NICER Corporation